For many Americans, allergies are an unfortunate part of everyday life. Constant sniffling, itchy eyes, hives and other allergy symptoms can make falling and staying asleep a challenge. Instead of depending on constant medications to treat your allergies, perhaps you should consider addressing your allergies at their likely source: your mattress. Over time, traditional mattresses can absorb allergens such as dust mites, making each night a gamble of whether or not allergy symptoms will develop. Instead of spending sleepless nights on a traditional mattress, consider the restful sleep which can be delivered by a new hypoallergenic mattress in Broward. At Best Rest USA, we’re on a mission to help people rediscover restful sleep with a new hypoallergenic mattress.bestrestusa_slide_7-1024x525

Hypoallergenic textiles are materials which are highly unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. When you shop with us, you’ll get your hands on the best mattress for allergies in Broward. We sell highly advanced mattresses created from natural elements, meaning that your new mattress is free of chemicals which are known to agitate allergies. Our mattresses are hypoallergenic for multiple reasons, their construction materials reduce allergens and their structure itself creates a sealed system which naturally repels bedbugs, dust mites and moths. This helps prevent your mattress from becoming the main trigger of allergic reactions. Instead, you can truly enjoy optimal comfort on a soft, memory foam mattress that’s been constructed with your safety and allergies in mind.

Our hypoallergenic mattresses aren’t just good for your allergies, they’re also good for the environment. Our products are built with true sustainability in mind, they’re made with natural and eco-friendly materials that help the surface maintain a cool and even temperature even in warmer weather. Our mattresses are Oeko-Tex certified, a designation that is only offered to textile companies which regulate the use of chemicals at each stage of production, from manufacturing to consumer use. Our comfortable and durable mattresses are created from non-toxic natural bestrestusa_slide_2-1024x577elements that work in concert to offer you a restful night of sleep.

The mattresses we offer can be cleaned deeper than traditional mattresses. The mattress top, which can be customized to your preferred firmness, can be removed and easily dry cleaned for true cleanliness. The tops can also be reversed and adjusted as necessary to offer optimal temperature control. Because our mattresses are resistant to dust mites and other chemicals, cleaning the mattress top is all you need to do in order to truly clean the entire ensemble.

If your nights are spent sniffling and suffering from allergy symptoms, perhaps your mattress is the problem. Reclaim your nights of restful sleep with one of our hypoallergenic mattresses. We offer mattresses of all sizes, from toddler sized to mattresses which can accommodate couples. The key to restful sleep is the right mattress, and a hypoallergenic mattress from our team at Best Rest USA can make all the difference by offering true comfort.