Travel Pillow - Memory Restore

  • Adapts to All Shapes

  • Reduces Pressure

  • Double Sided 3D Thermofress Material Which Keeps Cool

  • 3D Material Which Improves the Feel and Regulates Temperature and Whisks Away Humidity

  • Maximum Comfort For All Types of Travel

  • Made in Spain

  • Space Technology

The Ultimate Travel Experience

To add to our already incredible line of quality sleeping products and after years of development we have designed a travel pillow which offers the perfect level of comfort and support for even the most frequent traveler. For years our clients who owned the Green Planet pillows found it necessary to travel the world with their pillows because of how accustomed they had become to sleeping with them. 

They clamored for a smaller alternative and hence the Memory Restore was born.

So, what are you waiting for to fall in love with sleeping all over again? Pick up your new pillows now and change your life.

After all, you deserve a good night sleep, don’t you?

The Ultimate Bedtime Experience.

Work keeps you Busy…We keep you Rested!