bed1-1024x627Fires have long been a fear of homeowners and as a result, modern science has given us a wide variety of items infused with flame retardant materials. However, the chemicals used to make mattresses, couches or clothing resistant to flames are also proving to be hazardous to our health, particularly the health of children. For decades, advocacy groups have been fighting to let the truth be known about how dangerous these chemicals can be but a new movie really drives the point home. Toxic Hot Seat, a film created by Kirby Walker and James Redford, exposes cancer-causing chemicals and the products we find them in on a daily basis.

The film, which chronicles the history of flame retardant chemicals and the fight to expose their danger, has led to several state legislatures to examine how the chemicals are used, with some banning them from furniture entirely. The Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976 made the use of chemicals widespread and efforts to reform the act are looking promising.

Best Rest has long used eco-friendly materials when creating our signature line of luxury mattresses and as a result, our mattresses are free from any cancer-causing agents. Our visco soy memory foam, for example, are not only all natural, but comfortable and long lasting as well. Efforts from advocacy groups over the years have exposed how unhealthy some mattresses can be when they are treated with flame-retardant chemicals and anyone still sleeping on an old mattress should consider the healthy and safe options from Best Rest USA.

The mattresses at Best Rest USA are:

• All natural and eco-friendly
• Long lasting
• Naturally resistant to bed bugs and dust mites
• Made from top quality materials
• Customizable for firm/softness

The all-natural mattresses made by Best Rest USA are hypoallergenic and can help you sleep soundly through the night. Most people have no clue that their mattresses could actually be made from harmful chemicals. In the past, you may have felt safer buying a mattress that is treated with flame retardant chemicals, but thanks to Toxic Hot Seat, we now know how dangerous and sickening these chemicals can be. If you’re looking for a new mattress that is made from all natural materials in an environmentally conscious way, then check out the selection at Best Rest USA today! You can read more about Toxic Hot Seat by visiting the film’s website.