Therapy Line, Personalized Comfort for You

Find out how our therapeutic mattresses can help you experience sleep like you have never had before…

Here at the Best Rest USA Team, we pride ourselves on being experts in the sleeping industry and we understand that everyone is different and we all sleep differently. Some people are tall, short, strong, thin … etc, and logically if our bodies differ from each other our mattress needs must also differ.

For this reason, we have developed a customized solution that gives you a personalized option even when sleeping in the same bed with your partner.

During sleep, the body regenerates and prepares to face the next day’s activities. Our spine must rest in a proper position.

The spine is the axis of the body so it is imperative that it is always aligned correctly. A healthy spine ensures elasticity and also the strength necessary to perform our daily activities.

Pay attention to blood circulation while sleeping.

It is important to choose the proper firmness for your mattress. When sleeping, blood flows more easily, so it is essential that no pressure points block that circulation.

Cervical Health:

You need to make sure to choose the right pillow. The cervical area is the most delicate section of your spine.

Keep in mind the pillow must:

Be adaptable. Without being prone to deformity and it must have the firmness that is suitable to your needs.

Choose healthy materials:

A good natural product will be hypoallergenic, repel dust mites, antifungal and antibacterial. Best Rest and our line of therapy products will ensure a healthy selection of materials with the best certificates of quality.

Temperature and sleep.

A optimal temperature would be between 68 and 72 º F to assure you have an uninterrupted good night sleep. Look for mattresses that do not produce an extreme thermal condition and make sure they have proper ventilation.