Our Luxury Visco-Soy based memory foam is the only “body-contouring” memory foam mattress made with natural, earth-friendly, “breathable” materials that can thermo-regulate and optimize temperature. Their advanced design and technology provide the best possible support for your body, resulting in a longer and more restful sleep. All new models come with the most effective and proven antiviral treatment found in all of Europe.

Model #1

12.5" Inches

Perfect Height and Elegance
For Any Master Bedroom.

Model #2

10" Inches

Elegantly Designed With a Height Ideal
For Any European Style Bed.


The "LUX" Mattress is composed of 6 Layers



Cashmere / Cotton Stretch Fabric
Anti-mite / Anti-bedbug Treatment



Cover with zipper for cleaning.
Allows to exchange the memory foams according to preference.



Soy-Based Memory Foam (~50% SOY) "Plus" comfort layer
A- Firm / B- Extra-firm
C- Soft / D- Medium



"3D Thermofress"
Bamboo Fabric



Bio-Soy Maxipore support core
(~50% SOY)



Thermoregulation with:
- 3D Thermofress fabric
- 3D Bamboo Fabric

Highlights of The
Lux by Naturalia Mattress

There is no other way to fully understand how special and personalized this mattress is, unless you watch this video.

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Perfect Synergy between Comfort and Natural Materials.

Luxurious Finishing Touch & Details

With regards to the physical appearance of the mattress, Naturalia has spared no detail or luxury. The elegance of the Lux mattress is defined by its cashmere top and the latest in European fabric technology, called 3D-Thermofress Fabric “optimum temperature system”. This technology incorporates an air chamber made of a three-dimensional volumetric woven fabric made with bamboo that uses body movements to thermo-regulate itself. Through this technology, the fabric actually allows the mattress to “breathe” and maintain an ideal temperature.

Mattress Specs & Detailed info

Our Lux Mattress by Naturalia is the only “body-contouring” ultra luxury Visco-Soy based memory foam mattress made with natural, earth-friendly, “breathable” materials that can thermo-regulate and optimize temperature.
Their advanced design and technology provide the best possible support for your body, resulting in a longer and more restful sleep.  Our memory foam feels like no other memory foam you have ever experienced, offering more support and comfort than anything else in the market.
After more than decades of research, our experts have created the latest “Next Generation” Soy-based memory foam mattress, which offers many clear benefits over any competitor in the market, because:
* It uses revolutionary memory foam with almost 50% Soy when our closest competitor offers only 20% of natural material
* It provides superior comfort, offering relief to the body’s main resting pressure points (knees, hips & shoulders)
* It delivers a significantly improved quality of rest and sleep
* It naturally repels bed bugs, dust mites and moths
* It maintains a cool, even temperature, in Summer and a warmer, cozier feel in Winter
* It is made to outlast any other memory foam, latex or spring mattress currently in the market (15 years +)
* It has been built with only natural, earth-friendly materials. It does not have any springs, harmful toxins or chemicals, only top-quality soy-based memory foam
* It’s superior materials, exclusive design and construction provide a unique luxurious customer experience, like no other mattress currently in the market (cashmere, bamboo, 3-D Thermofress)
* It is backed and guaranteed by a long-standing, reputable, environmentally conscious European manufacturer with top credentials and certifications
* It offers different firmness options and can be adjusted to individual customer preference
* It’s topper can be removed and the mattress can be easily cleaned (dry clean / steam cleaning)

* All of us spend about one third of our lives sleeping. This is a wise, long term investment in your health and well being that will certainly improve your quality of life and result in better performance during your waking hours
* Because our designs are made to considerably outlast any other mattress in the market (over 15 years under normal use), you will enjoy a good healthy rest for many years to come without the need of flipping or rotating it
* It offers unmatched flexibility. If your mattress firmness preference or requirements change in the future, you can always change the mattress topper with the new level of firmness without having to purchase a whole new mattress. Our “Next Generation” Lux Memory Foam Mattress by Naturalia is for you if:
* You or your significant other suffers from allergies, asthma and/or back, neck ailments
* You or your partner want better support for your joints and back, suffer from arthritis, joint sensitivity or any other painful joint condition
* You and your partner have different mattress preferences (firm/soft / medium / extra-firm)
* You have an aversion for bed bugs, dust mites and moths and would sleep better knowing that your mattress naturally repels them
* You would like to effectively clean your mattress topper frequently
* You have been looking for a high quality, superb comfort, durable, earth-friendly mattress to replace your current one You have been frustrated with purchasing countless mattresses that need to be returned due to quality or durability.  Many consumers are coming from a mattress that lasted 10-12 years+ while today’s models are designed for only 1-5 years if that.  Ours are designed to outlast almost every mattress in the market regardless of price.

Your personalized topper allows you to request a memory foam preference for each side of the bed, that allows a level of personalization for you and your partner like very few other mattresses in the market (firm, soft, medium, extra firm).  If these preferences should change, you can always modify the firmness of the mattress by changing the topper, without having to change the whole mattress. But even with different levels of firmness on both sides, you will never feel a seam in your bed due to our exclusive technology and high quality topper soy-based foam.

As a result of Naturalia’s alliance with Deslee-Clama from Europe and their patented technologies and exclusive natural materials, the Lux Mattress has a natural ability to repel bed bugs, dust mites and moths. This clearly differentiates us from any competitor, as few mattresses in the market can offer this.

Our factory is one of the oldest and most advanced bedding factories in Europe that has established it’s reputation as a pioneer in the industry for several generations. After many years of extensive research, they have incorporated the best technologies, practices and attributes from all their different previous mattress models to design and create this unique, new generation of products for exclusive distribution in America. This distinctive mattress truly stands apart from anything else in the market.

Our factory is located in Spain, and our raw materials are sourced in the best factories in Europe allowing us to continuously develop the most revolutionary products.  This gives Naturalia control over the mattress production, from beginning to end, and allows us to guarantee the integrity and high quality of all our products. Their mission is the development and production of more environmentally friendly, sustainable products that produce increased benefits for their customers through health, quality, environment and affordability.

The Lux mattresses have achieved the highest level of Oeko-Tex certifications in 100% of it’s materials. Oeko-Tex is a prestigious, independent testing and certification system for textile products from all stages of production along the textile value chain. Oeko-Tex was developed since 1992, is considered the gold standard in the world and is also considered the most stringent certification given to global textile companies to regulate the use of harmful toxins or chemicals from the manufacturer all the way to consumer use. Holding this certification validates that Naturalia’s mattresses are made of the most natural, non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials that provide an outstanding customer experience.

Our bedding solutions also hold the TUV Certificate. TUV stands for the equivalent of “Technical Inspection Association” in the German language. This is a world leader in product testing and certification and it is one of Europe’s most rigorous product testing guidelines. It provides testing to international standards and directives that are endorsed by leading quality and safety marks.

The Lux mattress is made with 1A Visco-soy Plus Foam top and other earth-friendly materials, such as the Bio-soy Maxi-pore Inner core. These materials have been developed by Naturalia after years of testing to create the highest standards in density and weight.  Our factories are key innovators of natural memory foam technology and they use the best raw materials and SupraCell technology, which guarantee their non-deforming over a long period of time. They also provide greater comfort, improved breathability, a better touch and overall superior properties.

The Bio-soy Inner core of the mattress is made with Duo-cell cellular structure which combines large and small cells. The large cells are responsible for preventing the mattress from putting pressure on the body, as well as ensuring constant airflow through the inside of the block, keeping it oxygenated and at an ideal temperature, while the small cells maintain the right firmness. SupraCell technology was introduced in 2005. It is the culmination of several years of study and it represents the latest in terms of technology in the manufacture of memory foam. Along with this technology, in the field of raw materials Naturalia has established major partnerships that allow them to continue developing new products. Their mission is the development and production of more environmentally friendly, sustainable products that produce increased benefits for their customers.