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We use over 80% natural materials in every product.  The reason we do not produce products with a higher % of natural materials is due to the risk that 100% natural products have for developing mold, mildew and bacteria.  Many companies falsely state they use 100% natural materials but in every case the true % of natural component is below 70% and in some cases they have used a treatment which is far from natural to avoid issues with mold and mildew.

We also put a great deal of importance towards maximizing the durability and comfort of our products.  We have developed a perfect synergy between durability, comfort and green materials.  In the US, companies can legally state that their product is “all natural” when in reality they only need to be using 70% natural materials (in Europe it is 80%).  As a policy we want to be as transparent and black and white with our clients so we will never use creative adjectives or titles to describe our materials and components.  We want every client to know exactly what they are getting and what they are sleeping on.

Our similarity to typical memory foam ends in the name.  Our memory foam is one of the greenest products in the market, which means that it does not heat up, smell or off gas and it is free of any harmful toxins and chemicals.  We use a type of Soy based memory foam composed of almost 50% Natural Component.  In the case of the Lux with a core of Soy Based memory foam and Soy based foam, it does not need to be rotated or flipped and it outlasts almost any other mattress in the market with a 15-20+ year life span under normal conditions (average life span in the industry has dropped to 1-5 years).  Additionally our products feel different than the typical memory foams found in the US, since we offer more support and comfort for the ultimate sleep experience.  The Quietud mattress has a cushioned top so the feels more like a pillow top while still offering superior support.  The Thermovisco is the firmest of our mattress options which can be compared to the firm or extra firm Lux.  The Green planet pillow is lighter than almost all of the pillows in it’s category and has a perfect level of density.

Our mattresses are all produced in Spain in a small town close to Madrid.

Our Lux by Naturalia mattress is made with Soy-based memory foam with almost 50% Soy and Soy-based foam, Cashmere, Cotton and Bamboo.

Our Quietud mattress is made with Cashmere, Soy-based memory foam with almost 50% Soy and Soy-based foam, Bamboo, and a Pocketed Coil System.

Our Thermovisco mattress is made with Soy-based memory foam with almost 50% Soy and Soy-based foam, Bamboo, Politex and Stretch Fabric.

Our Prive and Natur mattress models are handmade with Natural Viscose, Natural Talalay Latex, Cashmere, Silk, Mohair, Pocketed Coil System, Wool, and Cotton.

Our Green Planet pillow is made with Soy-based memory foam with almost 50% Soy and Soy-based foam, Cashmere, Cotton and Bamboo.  They also include aromatherapy essential oils from Tropical Africa like Coconut, Aloe Vera, Bamboo and Verenda.

Our Memory Restore Travel Pillows are made with high quality memory foam and a 3D Bamboo outer cover.

Our Cervical Pillow is made with high quality memory foam and a Cool Sensitive cover infused with Aloe Vera.

Organic certifications hold much more weight in other countries but sadly in the US those certifications are not even worth the paper they are written on and “Green Washing” is rampant.  Several of these certifications do not even require testing or the submission of samples.  Some companies take advantage of this to certify one of their materials and then claim the whole product is certified.  Some global certifications and specifically European are much more stringent and truly do demand that products be tested and must be renewed frequently and those standards must always be adhered to.  The Oeko-Tex certification is the world wide gold standard for products found to be free of Toxins and Chemicals and those that have achieved the highest level of Oeko-Tex certification are certified to be safe for exposure to toddlers and babies.  We are also TUV certified and since our products are produced in Europe we offer a much more sustainable and earth friendly product.

For those clients that are in areas where we do not have a retail presence we offer the option of ordering through our online partners.  We can ship anywhere in the US and around the world.  Reach out to us and we can suggest which type of mattress and pillow would be best for you.  Our number is 1888-wow-slee or 1888-969-7533.

Our Lux by Naturalia models are considered memory foam but since they are state of the art technology they do not feel like your typical memory foam mattress.  On those typical foam mattresses you feel more of a sinking feeling and what some might say is like quicksand.  Our mattresses offer much more support.  Clients describe it like this….”They give but at the same time they contour with your body and they offer more push back”.  We get clients who describe the experience as the best sleeping experience they have ever had.   Since we do offer personalized firmness levels people sometimes assume that a firmer mattress will be a longer lasting mattress.  The firmness level has nothing to do with the durability.  It is pure personal taste.  If you prefer something like a pillow top or a cushy experience like sleeping on a cloud…..we recommend our soft option along with a pillow top cover.  Most of our clients fall into the category of firm or soft.  The extra firms are ordered very seldomnly and they tend to be for clients with serious back issues and who feel comfortable sleeping on the floor. Our Quietud models feel like the Lux medium-firm models but with a pillow top.

Our Thermovisco models are firm like the Lux Firm or Extra Firm models.

Our Prive and Natur models are more designed to feel like a spring mattress but combined with some of the most luxurious materials to provide extra comfort for a blissful experience.  If you require more cushion they come with a Symbiosis topper option.  With the topper they will feel like a pillow top luxury mattress.  Without the topper they are quite firm.

Our Green Planet Pillow offers the perfect level of density, height and weight.  We are one of the most light weight pillows in the market especially for a memory foam pillow.  It took us decades to design the density of the pillow so you wouldn’t sink in or feel like you are sleeping on a rock.  The height was designed for side sleepers or back sleepers.  We do not work well for sleepers who sleep face down.

In Europe about a decade ago several mattress manufacturers were offering bogus guarantees and gimmicks that they did not intend to uphold and the governing body that regulates the industry decided to intervene and to standardize the guarantees.  Today the same situation is happening in our industry in the US and sadly many companies are playing games with their clients.

Our factory offers a very solid 10 year guarantee against any manufacturer defects in our mattresses and a similar 6 year guarantee on our pillows.

Here in the US we offer an additional comfort guarantee in our Lux by Naturalia and Lux by Naturalia modified models that gives each client a 30 day period to try a firmness.  If they wish to change the firmness level they can swap it out.  If they are in the local S. Florida area there is no cost to do the swap but if they are outside of the area they only incur the shipping cost both ways.

Our other models like the Prive and the Natur do not have different firmness levels but they do have a more plush option with the additional topper.

The cost of mattresses and pillows have dramatically increased in the last 10 years due to rising raw materials costs but that has not affected us.  Many leading manufacturers have cheapened the quality of their products while still raising prices.  We have one of the oldest and largest manufacturers in Europe and due to our sheer volumes and control over raw material production we can offer a far superior product at the lowest price.  We like to refer to all of our products as “attainable luxury”.  As an example our Lux by Naturalia models which have no real competitor but can be compared to models being sold for 3 times as much.

Truly natural foam pillows start at about $200-250 online and our models offer more at close to a third of the price. The Lux by Naturalia models were designed to be like no other mattresses in the market but if something similar were to exist the price for a king would be in the range of $12,000 – $18,000.  Thanks to our advancements at factory level we are able to offer so many luxuries and attributes at a price between $4000 and $5800 per king.

The Prive and Natur models were initially inspired by other handmade models like Hastens, Vispring and Duxiana.  Our goal was to develop the most luxurious and comfortable mattresses in the world.  These other models sell between $18,000 to $100,000 per king while our Prive and Natur models sell between $7000 and $10,500 per king.

Our Lux by Naturalia mattresses have different firmness levels so they are ideal for many different types of clients and sleep positions.  They offer a great deal of support and comfort and can even minimize bed sores for those clients who are bed ridden.  Since the client can use the cooler side, the mattress is also ideal for people who suffer from menopause and night sweats.

The Green Planet Pillow has a cooler side and a warmer side so it too is ideal for customers who have night sweats, CPAP machines or menopause to minimize the heat.  It is the ideal level of weight and height to insure comfort and support for side sleepers or back sleepers.  We do not recommend our pillows for clients who sleep face down.  These types of sleepers require a very thin pillow or no pillow at all.

Comparison #1

We had been asked to do a comparison between our options and the two top crib mattresses in the market The main competitor’s model uses a food grade polymer which feels like sleeping on a trampoline.  This technology did not do well in the European market since it was basically made with the plastic derived from petroleum similar to that of a glue gun.

They use a breathable material for the outer ticking but we have found that our 3D Organic Cotton weave is both breathable, anti-bacterial and Anti-mite making it the ideal option.

Our competitor has a few studies to show the benefit against suffocation risk.  While we have developed our crib mattresses based on numerous medical studies which describe the ideal positioning for babies but also for ideal development.  We created a crib mattress which helps with the proper development of the liver and also helps avoid Otitis, Cranial Deformation, SIDS, Reflux, Positional Plagiocephaly.

Our competitor insists their product is not made with foam, latex or adhesives but once we uncovered it’s real composition we found they were playing symantecs because they use petroleum based polymers which are practically the same.

Our competitor uses a washable core but it was made that way since their core is very susceptible to mold mildew and bacteria so the only way to avoid those issues is by washing it frequently.  We have a washable top but we designed the washable top, not to avoid mold mildew or bacteria, since ours does not have that issue, but rather to wash it in case of accidents.

Our competitor uses a product that is 100% recyclable but based on their materials we feel these claims hard to sustain.  In our products we use truly green products which have the highest % of natural components while still focusing on quality, durability and comfort while still being protected from developing mold, mildew or bacteria.

Comparison #2

Our second competitor has developed a model which needs to be spot cleaned due to the potential for mold or mildew while ours can be steam cleaned if needed.

Their product is positioned as being organic but certified organic holds no weight in the US market for those that are knowledgeable in the subject.  We use organic cotton in our mattresses but the true gold standard will always be the oeko tex certification which we have achieved in all of our materials.  This certification takes sometimes years to achieve and we have the highest oeko tex certification in all of our materials.  Our competitor holds several certifications but many are certifications that hold little weight and they do not hold an oeko tex certification. Both of our companies use safe flame retardants.

Both of our products are free of harmful glues or adhesives.

Both of our products are free of GMO Cotton or other GMO fibers.

Our competitor make most of their products in the US but they are made with some components and materials that are imported.  In almost all cases if a company is proud of where they import their materials from they will mention it and if not they most probably import from China.  We source everything in Europe.

Our product lines were designed by a group of engineers who have perfected their designs since the mid 1960’s to bring to the forefront some of the most innovative technologies available today.  Europe’s advancements in Green technology have them leading the future path of the sleep industry while the US has regretfully fallen far behind.

Both of our companies are free from harmful chemicals, allergenic materials, and try to use more natural materials Our competitor holds a few certifications that hold little relevance but not the ones that matter the most.  We hold very dear our oeko tex certificates.