Truly Ecological

European standards for certifying green and eco-friendly products are far more strict and demanding than most global standards.  Lux mattress was created with the highest certifications in the world and within those certifications we have achieved the highest levels reserved for products designed for babies and toddlers.

To be 100 % honest, the mattress industry has never been able to offer a 100% Natural product nor would they want to.  Clients demand durability and quality and they expect that what they buy will never develop bacteria, mold or mildew.  To be able to achieve this, every mattress has to combine several materials and in some cases use treatments to avoid such issues.  Lux was designed with the highest standards possible while effectively balancing the need for comfort, durability and longevity.

Our Soy based memory foam technology gives us an equivalency to the highest quality natural latex.  We use a formula of almost 50% vegetable or Soy-based memory foam.  Our main focus has always been quality and integrity as a producer and as a distributor and for this reason we use the highest standard in the industry.  Our mattresses are never compressed, vacuum sealed or rolled up and boxed.  We designed a density level that does not break down or sag over time like so many other mattresses in the market.


Customizable Options

The true test of a luxury or high quality mattress is how closely it caters to the owner’s needs.  In too many cases, typical mattresses cater to one spouse’s needs while ignoring the other.  Some people may be sensitive to temperature fluctuations, firmness levels, allergies, back aches, circulations issues, asthma, exposure to bedbugs and dust mites and so on.  Rather than designing a multitude of specialty mattresses we designed one mattress regardless of what you are looking for.

Our detachable topper (top third) can be unzipped and flipped offering ideal temperature options that can be ideal in seasonal climates.  This can be understood fully in our Natural Temperature Control Section.

The top section of the Lux mattress has Soy based memory foam toppers that can be personalized.  The his and her option allows the client to choose firm-firm, soft-soft and soft-firm.  After years of studying clients we narrowed our firmness levels down to the two that offered the highest level of comfort and support while still differentiating firmness levels to individual needs.  We also used a technology of soy based memory foam never seen before in the US which outlasts all competitors without sagging or dipping and that does not require flipping or rotating.  The same foam maintains the same firmness levels without having to worry about outside room temperature.  Clients also have access to the toppers so that they can replace, swap or move around the toppers to their liking.  Our memory foam has been tested in hospitals and other medical settings to show the benefits for clients with back problems, neck aches, circulation issues, bed sores and joint injuries.

Our treatment against bedbugs and dust mites guarantees many of our clients an allergy free and restful experience and our lack of toxins or chemicals insures that we cater to those clients looking for a natural sleep, free from asthma, respiratory conditions and allergic reactions.  In most memory foam mattresses being sold in the market today, off gassing has become a prevalent issue.  The issue of off gassing is due to the prevalence of petroleum derivative based memory foams used to produce almost all of the mattresses sold in the US.  Our mattresses use a Soy Polymer based memory foam of the utmost quality and hence we can insure our clients they will not have to worry about off gassing.


Bed Bug Protection

Working alongside one of the most respected companies in the industry we teamed up with Deslee-Clama to incorporate the most effective treatment against bedbugs, dust mites, moths and other insects.  This treatment is effective even after multiple washes.  We can’t avoid people from bringing insects to the mattress but we can guarantee that the insects will not want to stay and propagate.


Natural Temperature Control

One of the largest complaints with memory foam mattresses is the propensity of them heating up.  Mattress covers can sometimes exasperate the problem but at the end of the day they are only designed to mask this negative side effect without focusing on the more important issue of toxins and chemicals that are causing the heat to begin with.  Lux does not use petroleum derivative based memory foams.  We knew that if we wanted to be truly revolutionary we needed to offer our clients all of the benefits of a high quality memory foam but with none of the negatives.  We would need to address every issue that causes a person to sleep warm.

First we designed our detachable topper (top third) so it could be unzipped and flipped.  Our winter side uses high quality organic cotton and our summer side uses our patented 3D Thermofress bamboo technology.  Bamboo is the most effective thermo-regulating material and we have maximized its effect by interweaving it into a unique 3-Dimensional mesh.  Since our Soy based memory foam does not heat up and our 3D Thermofress material whisks away the heat and humidity, we guarantee an optimal temperature level for our clients.  The 3D Thermofress also allows the mattress to always aerate itself.


Cleaning Options

The industry has developed a multitude of studies showing the amount of weight a mattress gains after years of accumulating dead skin cells, bedbugs, etc.  We also know that some clients replace mattresses only due to hygiene concerns.  By designing a mattress that can be dry cleaned periodically (we recommend once a year) we can offer a viable solution to almost any client.  Once the top section of the mattress has been unzipped and the toppers have been removed, the top section is as manageable as an oversized sleeping bag.