Best Hypoallergenic Mattresses in Sunrise for All Ages

Many people in Sunrise – and Florida in general – have problems sleeping at night due to allergies, but did you know  hypoallergenic mattresses can help? Some allergies are caused by the change in the weather; some by pollen and other micro-organisms in the atmosphere, and some may even be caused by furniture in your own house – including your bed. Best Rest USA wants to help you deal with and conquer your allergy issues so you don’t lose out on a good night’s sleep. We can help you find a mattress that can accommodate your condition, as well as give you tips as to what causes allergies in bed, and what you can do to handle them.

What Causes Allergies in Bed?Hypoallergenic Mattress Sunrise

Dust mite feces rather than the actual dust mites are the cause of allergic reactions in bed. The dust that accumulates in a coil mattress is contaminated with dust mite feces.

Common allergic reactions to dust mite feces are sneezing, itching, watery eyes and wheezing. Dust mite allergies have also been linked to headaches, fatigue and depression.

What is the Worst Mattress for Allergy Sufferers?

Coil/Spring mattresses are the worst for allergy sufferers because of how their inner spring system is built. The inner cavity of coil mattresses is a breeding ground for dust mites where dust mite feces and dead skin cells accumulate. Mildew and mold can also build up in the coil/spring cavity, often weighing it down over time.

Pillow Tops or Quilted Tops attract dust mites as well, because of their light, loose padding. They provide an ideal environment for dust mites to thrive in.

What’s the Best Mattress if You Suffer From Allergies?

Solid memory foam mattresses and latex mattresses are ideal for allergy sufferers. Because the core of these types of mattresses is not hollow, there is no incubator, no areas for dust mites to dwell and no open cavity for the clumping of allergens.

If you experience allergy symptoms only while in bed or if your usual allergies seem worse while in bed, dust mites could be the cause. Symptoms include watery and itchy eyes and nose. Stuffiness in ears, nose and head as well as nighttime headaches are also common reactions to dust mites, mold or mildew. The result could be interrupted sleep, moderate discomfort or for some a serious allergy attack.

Here at Best Rest USA we can help you find the perfect mattress to help deal with or prevent your allergies. We have the widest selection of hypoallergenic mattresses in Sunrise, so we are confident we can find the right one for you. Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself. Stop by our showroom today at 717 Shotgun Road; Sunrise, FL 33326. We want to get you into a bed that fits!